Samuel Correa - Regional Manager Americas

Samuel (Panamanian) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Engineering. He has experience in logistics, coordination and project coordination. Before joining us, Samuel spent 6 years at sea as a second officer, and has been working for the Panama Maritime Authority for the last 6 years, in New York and Panama.

We asked Samuel a few questions about himself: 

1. What do you like most about working at Mr. Marine?

Most likely it is working in a multicultural company with high expectation in growing around the world.

2. What is your greatest achievement at work?

Maintaining that good relationship with our customer, let them know that we care about them. This is translated in exposure of our brand and more economical profit.

3. What motivates you?

It´s always about our clients and our partners. Making them know that we are here for them, in order to provided the best service we can.

4. What do you love most about what you do?

The way we improved our procedures and process to get the best outcome of every job. Taking as priority the satisfaction of our costumer.

5. What is the best work advice you have ever received?

Be persistent and consistent in what you do. And let your work speak about you.

6. What are your future career plans (goals)?

Grow with this amazing company, as Country Manager.

Samuel Correa - Regional Manager Americas