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Operations Team


Ana Belen Muela – Global Network Manager

Among her other titles, Ana (Spanish) has a bachelor’s degree in Management and Public Administration and a master’s degree in International business and Foreign Trade. Ana previously worked for Pullmantur as a Commodity Manager and Teekay as a purchasing agent. She has worked for Mr. Marine Elevator for more than 7 years. Ana is also responsible for all partners and agents worldwide.

Alfa Shao – Regional Manager North Asia

Alfa (Chinese) graduated from Nanjing Agricultural University with a BA. From 2005 until 2009 he worked at an export-oriented manufacturer, managing their global business. Alfa later took charge of the international business for Desheng-Miko, a specialised elevator manufacturer (2009-2011). Alfa has solid import & export knowledge. Providing 24/7 service to the shipping industry and timely communication with Mr. Marine's worldwide network, Alfa feels strongly that the human aspect is most important in daily work.

Farah Shaik – Regional Manager India and South East Asia

Farah (Singaporean) has many years of experience in HR, administrative work, and Supply Chain Management. Most of her previous employers operate in the oil, gas, and shipping industry; she understands the business very well. Farah manages Mr. Marine SEA; the Singaporean subsidiary of Mr. Marine.

Find out more about her, here.

Samuel Correa - Regional Manager Americas

Samuel (Panamanian) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Engineering. He has experience in logistics, coordination and project coordination. Before joining us, Samuel spent 6 years at sea as a second officer, and has been working for the Panama Maritime Authority for the last 6 years, in New York and Panama.

Find out more about him, here.

Vasiliki Kostoula – Team Leader

Vasiliki (Greek) holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. She acquired international experience working in various industries as a Project Manager before joining Mr. Marine Elevator.

Find out more about her, here. 

Murat Turan - Team Leader

Murat (Turkish) has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and has experience in Project Management. Before joining Mr. Marine Elevator in 2018, Murat worked as a Lab Project Engineer at PanTerra Geoconsultants, and as a Sales Engineer at Storrol in Istanbul, Turkey.

Alexandra Apostolou – Senior Project Manager

After completing a bachelor’s degree at the Panteion University in Athens, Alexandra (Greek) obtained her master’s degree in Marine Policy from Cardiff Business School with a dissertation on ballast water cleaning systems. Because of her unique background, she is also taking on all ballast water treatment service jobs for Mr. Marine Ballast.

Yagmur Kantar - Project Manager for MR Marine Group

Yagmur Kantar - Senior Project Manager

Yagmur (Turkish) holds a bachelor degree in Maritime Business Administration from the University of Dokuz Eylul. Yagmur obtained valuable shipping experience while working in the container operation division port of Samsun, and later at Izmir Harbour Ministry in the ship registry department.

Find out more about her, here.

Niki Koumiotaki - Senior Project Manager

Niki (Greek) holds a Master of Science degree in Shipping Management, as well as a Business Science degree in Maritime Studies. Before working at Mr. Marine Elevator, Niki was working as a Port Agent on cruise ships for Inchcape Shipping Services Piraeus. Her experience in effective communication is what makes her a great Project Manager.

Sarantis Kyros - Project Manager

Sarantis (Greek) holds a Masters in the Science of Supply Chain Management, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Logistics Management. Before working as a Project Manager he was a Team Leader at Mr. Marine Spares, before that he was a Logistics Coordinator and, before that, an Assistant Manager of Inventory Planning and Purchase. His coordination and management skills have set him up to succeed in his role as Project Manager.

Konstantinos Theodorou – Project Manager

Konstantinos (Greek) holds a Masters in International Business, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management. Before working as a Project Manager he was a Warehouse Manager, before that he was a Supply Chain Planner, and before that Head of Operations. His studies along with his experience and his management skills have set him up to succeed in his first year in Netherlands that already makes him feel like home.
Omar Darwish - Project Manager

Omar (Egyptian) has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Omar speaks Arabic, English, French and Dutch. Before moving to the Netherlands, he held a position as a Project Manager at a firm in Egypt.
Christina Juhasz - Project Manager

Christina (Hungarian) has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Study. Before starting at Mr. Marine, she worked as a Senior Performance Analyst for ExxonMobil in Hungary. Christina is a co-founder of a children`s charity foundation in Hungary and has been working with several Hungarian charity and non-profit organisations for 5 years. When she is not working, she is a certified Pilates instructor and nutritionist. She speaks 4 languages: native in Russian and Hungarian, fluent English and have some German.

Rita Viçoso – Project Manager

Rita (Portuguese) has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration Management from the INDEG Business School/ISCTE in Lisbon, Portugal. Before joining us, she was a Business Manager at VDMáquinas in Portugal for 18 years. Some interesting facts about Rita are the she speaks 4 languages: Portuguese, English, French, and Dutch, and that she participated in 2019 World Gymanstrada in Dorbirn, Austria.

Ivaylo Tsochev - Project Manager (jr)

Ivo (Bulgarian) is finishing his studies on International Business & Economics at Erasmus University. He founded “Zero Waste” in Bulgaria, offering sustainable consulting to businesses, NGO’s and citizen organizations. Ivo speaks 3 languages: Bulgarian, English and Russian.
Fabrizio Chiappe - Project Manager (jr)

Fabrizio (Peruvian) has a degree in Bachelor of Architecture at the Universidad de Lima (Cum Laude), and is certified by the Peruvian Association of Architects. Prior to moving to the Netherlands, he was working in different architecture-related areas such as design, construction, project management, and education. In 2019, Fabrizio started a 2-year Master of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at TU Delft after being awarded the TUD Talent Scholarship, and has recently concluded with his thesis dissertation about urban redevelopments opportunities.

Isha Jaiswal - Project & Network Support Associate

Isha (Indian) holds a Masters in Commerce (Applied Economics), and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. She is a qualified Board Secretary from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, having work experience of 3 years in Public Limited Company & Multi-National Corporations. Isha is proficient in maintaining relationships with management and liaising with external regulators, auditors and other agencies. Her experience makes her perfect for her role at Mr. Marine.

Find out more about her, here.

Sales & Account Management

Rocio Balsa - Senior Account Manager

Rocio (Spanish) holds a Journalism degree from the University of Santiago. Before starting as a Senior Account Manager at Mr. Marine, Rocio was a B2B Onboarding and Implementation Specialist at Virtuagym, and before that she was a B2B Client Success Consultant. She is able to speak 5 different languages: Spanish, Galician, English, Portuguese, and Dutch.

Maria Alejandra Acevedo – Global Key Accounts Manager

María Alejandra (Colombian) has a university degree in Business Administration, with a major in Supply Chain Management. Before joining Mr. Marine Elevator as Project Manager in 2016, Maria Alejandra worked for six years at Copa Airlines, most recently as on-board supply service manager.

Lazaros Tsaldaris – Account Manager

Lazaros (Greek) has a degree in Accounting & Finance from the Kavala Institute of Technology. Since 2017, he has been living in the Netherlands and working as a Sales Account Manager in the shipping industry. Lazaros is an avid basketball player and world traveller.

Find out more about him, here.

Mihnea Radulescu - Lead Business Analyst & Systems Administrator

Mihnea (Romanian) has a degree in International Business Management from the Rotterdam Business School, a degree in Physics, Computer Science and Business Studies from the International British School of Bucharest (IBSB), and won an award for being the student of the year in his final year of studies there. Mihnea previously worked as a Database Organiser for Galeriile Cismigiu, a Video Editor Producer at TedXBUAS, and was a Volunteer at the Bruno Shelter for two years. His love for water, people and adrenalin propelled him to become a certified rescue diver.

Technical Management

Hari Selvaraj - Technical Manager

Hari (Indian) holds a Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with Honours, as well as a B-Tech degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. He has over 15 years of experience as an elevator field/service engineer and as a product specialist. Hari brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team.

Find out more about Hari, here.

Henri Baanen - Technical Manager

Henri (Dutch) has been in the marine elevator business for more years than its founder (it was at ThyssenKrupp where they met). Henri has been installing marine elevators around the world since 1990, and knows the ins and outs as no other. Henri joined Mr. Marine Elevator in 2007 to become the company’s first Technical Manager. Since 2013 Henri has been working from his home in South Africa as Technical Manager and Mr. Marine Academy Trainer.

Find out more about Henri, here.

Farhan Saleem – Technical Support Engineer

Farhan (Pakistani) holds a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and speaks 4 languages: Urdu, Hindi, English, and Arabic. He is a product specialist and has over 13 years of experience as a marine elevator service engineer.


Shoji Ota – Senior Sales Engineer

Shoji (Japanese) has a Bachelor of Sociology/organizational management from the Kwansei gakuin University in Japan. Before joining Mr. Marine, he was a Manager of a spare parts supply department in Rotterdam. Shoji has experience as a manager of Engine spare parts, and speaks both English and Japanese.

Aida Izbassova - Sales Engineer

Aida (Kazakhstan) has earned a Bachelor of Oil & Gas Business Degree, as well as a Bachelor of Translation Business degree. She has valuable experience in strategic planning and implementation for supply chain management, and is highly organized. Before starting at Mr. Marine Spares, Aida worked as a Service Planner and a Senior Administrative Associate at Halliburton International GmbH. She is able to speak 5 different languages: Kazakh, Russian, English, Italian, and Dutch.

Mosope Owolabi - Sales Engineer

Mosope (Nigerian) has obtained an Environmental Sciences Master from the Wageningen University & Research. Before starting at Mr. Marine, he was working as a Ship Engine Part Specialist, and before that he was an Environmental Regulating Officer. Mosope is interested in sustainability, and how it results in global change and expansion.

Angelina Smirnova – Warehouse Operator

Angelina (Latvian) has been living in the Netherlands for the past 3 years, also working as a Warehouse Operator at her previous job. She studied Organization of International Transportation at the Liepaja Maritime College, and can speak 4 languages: Latvian, English, Polish, and Dutch.


Ilaria Manfrin - Senior Finance Manager

Ilaria (Italian) has a Master I degree in International Business and Economics, as well as a Bachelor degree in Economics and Management. Before starting with us, she worked as a Business Controller. At Mr. Marine, she is in charge of our financial and business control. She speaks 3 languages: Italian, English, French.

Find out more about Ilaria, here.

Hubert Duizer - Group Financial Manager

Hubert (Dutch) has a BSc in Business Economics. Before joining Mr. Marine in 2016, he did freelance work for various established accountancy firms in The Netherlands. Hubert has brought a wealth of experience to the Group, which ensures our companies’ stable financial position is maintained.

Find out more about Hubert, here.

Simran Kariya - Credit Manager

Simran (Indian) holds a master’s degree in Commerce from the University of Mumbai, India. Before coming to The Netherlands, Simran worked for 4 years as senior associate at the well-established firm, SKP Business ConsultingLLP.

Human Resources

Magdalena Kopal – HR Business Partner

Magdalena (Slovakian) joined the company in 2021 after working for more than ten years in the Human Resource field. Her solid interpersonal, communication and organisational skills contribute to the development of lucrative work relationships, and employee morale and productivity growth. Magdalena is also responsible for aligning employees’ and management’s business objectives, building a strong organisational culture.

Find out more about Magdalena, here.


Catalina Betivu - Marketing Coordinator

Catalina (Romanian/Moldovan) is an International Business Administration student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She speaks 5 languages: Romanian, English, Russian, French and Dutch. Catalina has an extensive background in student organisations where she led teams of various nationalities. Among others, she had the position of Business Event manager at Rotterdam International Student Association. During the university years, Catalina was also a Mathematics, French and Professional Development coach. In 2020, she was the laureate of the Prize “Students Originating from the Republic of Moldova” for academic excellence and the participation in development projects from the Republic of Moldova.