Hubert Duizer - Group Financial Manager

Hubert (Dutch) has a BSc in Business Economics. Before joining Mr. Marine in 2016, he did freelance work for various established accountancy firms in The Netherlands. Hubert has brought a wealth of experience to the Group, which ensures our companies’ stable financial position is maintained.

We asked him a few questions about himself: 

1. What do you like most about working at Mr. Marine?

My colleagues, and the challenges I face.

2. What is your greatest achievement (work or personal)?

My greatest work achievement is the fact that I have been able to deliver financial reports to auditors before the end of January, for few years in a row.

3. What motivates you?

The different aspects of the type of work that I do.

4. What values drive you?

  • Cooperative teamwork
  • Respect

5. Favourite quote?

Never give up!

What are your favorite hobbies?

  • Sports
  • Nature
  • Fashion
  • Cycling
Hubert Duizer - Group Financial Manager