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MR Elevator was founded in 2002, at a time when no company was offering 24/7 service worldwide. Marine elevator technicians would be flying around the world to perform service work at high cost, or customers would alternatively chose a local elevator contractor with no experience on vessels. Starting the MR Elevator worldwide network was the solution to fill this gap.

15 years later MR Elevator is now worldwide market leader in servicing marine elevators on board of all types of sea going vessels (safety inspections, repairs, modernizations, new builds and spare parts). Onsite service and repair work on offshore platform is also offered and performed by a select group of technicians with a thorough understanding of working life offshore. A select group of our technicians carry offshore certificates (OPITO approved). About 150 elevator technicians work for MR Elevator in 125 ports of the world.

Over the years MR Elevator has been modernizing and refitting all sorts of marine elevators, and from that point it was only a small step to offer new marine elevators (MR Elevator branded)


To be the leading worldwide marine elevator specialist, offering new and modernized marine elevators, backed up by 24/7 instant worldwide service.  Simplicity and reliability are key to us. We like to be challenged.


To better appreciate the products and services of MR Elevator, it is important to understand the niche market of marine elevators. Compared to land based elevator marine elevators represent less than 0,01% of all installed elevators in the world. It is a niche market and no land based elevator company really adapted their structures and products design to it. Mr Elevator is the only company in the world who is solely active in the marine elevators business and has shaped her processes and organization around the shipping business. And the difference between land based and marine elevators are ample.

First of all marine elevators need to be much sturdier: high uptime is of the essence. A breakdown at sea has a tremendous impact on the efficiency and the moral onboard. The planning side of service calls are a real challenge indeed. Vessel constantly move from port to port and only berth for a limited period of time. As a solution Mr Elevator has created an overcapacity of service technicians. Only then instant response is possible.

Taking care of marine elevators on offshore platforms is an even bigger challenge. Most marine elevator makers actually do not enter this market; the level of risk is too high: delays on board, expensive offshore certificates, long travel times to and from the platform, difficult and time consuming working procedures, daily paperwork, extreme high safety standards, to name just a view. Exactly these challenges are what suits Mr Elevator best.