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Worldwide marine spare parts supplier

MR Spares is a worldwide supplier of all brands and types of marine spare parts for seagoing vessels and offshore platforms worldwide. Depending on your specific needs, we can supply OEM, genuine and after market spare parts.

We can often supply our  spare parts from stock and on average 15% less expensive than buying at the OEM. And still much faster delivery…. how is it possible?

Well, OEM’s actually do not make marine spare parts themselves, they have components made in China or buy them at the large specialized EU manufacturing facilities.

Over the last years we have been searching, sourcing and registering the true makers of these OEM components. We know the EU component specialists on a personal basis, and we have direct buying access to the Chinese OEM factories. Result: much lower prices for the same product at a shorter delivery time.

Interested? We only need a photograph of the spare part, including the name plate (if applicable) and we will send our quote asap.

If  a part or machine needs replacement by an equivalent product, we can supply retrofit items too. We do it all, including worldwide installation by our own local  technicians.