Marine elevator spares

Quality marine elevator spares

Downtime is the enemy in the shipping business. For your peace of mind, Mr. Marine Spares has an unsurpassed service network of local technicians in more than 134 ports of the world. These include Rotterdam, Antwerp, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Miami, Newark, Los Angeles, Balboa, Singapore, Hamburg, Algeciras, Barcelona, Cape Town, Durban, Houston, and Port Said.

Genuine spares for less?

We can often supply instantly from stock and on average for 15% less than it would cost at the OEM. And we can deliver much faster. How is it possible?

The reason is that OEMs do not make elevator parts themselves; they have components made by others in low-cost countries (brakes, guide shoes, ropes, etc.) or they buy them at the large specialised EU manufacturing facilities (doors, traction machines, controllers). Since the beginning of our business, we have been searching, sourcing and registering the true makers of these OEM components. We know the EU component specialists on a personal basis, and we have direct buying access to the OEM factories. Result: much lower prices for the same product at a shorter delivery time.

Rolling and pitching devices

Marine elevators under certain Classes (ABS for instance) require a rolling and pitching device. This is to ensure that the elevator is only operational in a safe condition. Upon turbulence at sea, this device will be engaged and will stop the elevator, preventing anyone from using it. It is designed to prevent mishaps such as functional/mechanical damages to the lift and, more importantly, injuries to passengers. Mr. Marine Spares provides in-house designed, easy to install industrial type rolling and pitching devices. Our devices comply with the strict Class rulings. Ask about delivery time and prices for rolling and pitching devices

Not sure of the part?

Even if you don't have the specifications of the elevator, we can identify the part you need. Simply email us a clear photo showing the name plate, or look in our webshop to find the part.