Marine elevator spares

Quality marine elevator spares

A product is only as good as its backup service, especially in the shipping business. MR Spares has an unsurpassed service network of local technicians in more than 125 ports of the world like Rotterdam, Antwerp, Shanghai, Tianjin ,Shenzhen, Miami, Newark, Los Angeles, Balboa, Singapore, Hamburg, Algeciras, Barcelona, Cape Town, Durban, Houston, Port Said.

 spare parts for marine elevator, allbrands and types. Often from stock and on average 15% less expensive than buying at the OEM. And still much faster delivery…. how is it possible?

Simple fact is that OEM’s do not make elevator parts themselves, they have components made by others in low cost countries (brakes, guide shoes, ropes, etc.) or buy them at the large specialized EU manufacturing facilities (doors, traction machines, controllers).

Over the last 14 years we have been searching, sourcing and registering the true makers of these OEM components. We know the EU component specialists on a personal basis, and we have direct buying access to the OEM factories. Result: much lower prices for the same product at a shorter delivery time.

Does MR Marine Group provide a rolling and pitching device ? Rolling and pitching device
Marine elevators under certain Classes (ABS for instance) require a rolling and pitching device, the reason is to ensure that the elevator is only operational in a safe condition. Upon turbulence at sea, this device will be engaged and will stop the elevator, preventing anyone from utilizing it. This would prevent mishaps such as funtional/mechanical damages to the lift and more seriosuly injuries to passengers. Mr Marine Spares has inhouse designed, easy to install industrial type rolling and pitching devices that comply to the strict Class rulings. Delivery time and prices on request.

Interested and no clear specification of the elevator? A  photograph of the spare part with the name plate will do.