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2020 World’s Best Marine Elevator Technician competition

The 2020 World’s Best Marine Elevator Technician has come to a close. We will re-open the competition in the future, so stay tuned for updates.

To be the market leader worldwide, we must have the best people on board. That’s why we’re out to discover the World’s Best Marine Elevator Technician. And the winner could be you.

Who can enter?
Any elevator technician in the world can enter, regardless of the elevator company you’re working for, or whether you entered last year. Go on, prove you are the very best in your work. You could win the title,  grab a cool prize, get global recognition and brag for the whole of 2020 about your achievement!

Win one of these great prizes:

  1. First Prize: a 5-day stay in an all- inclusive top-end resort
  2. Runner-up Prize: a high-performance laptop (like a MacBook Air, or Lenovo Yoga)
  3. Rookie of the Year Prize (only if you’re a technician with less than 5 years’ working experience): the latest Samsung Galaxy phone, or iPhone.

How to enter?

  • Enter by submitting your CV to our website.
  • Upload your references in a Word or text document. You can ask your colleagues, customers and MR Elevator project managers for references.
  • Complete the online exam. We’ll email you a link.
  • We’ll share your name as an entrant on Facebook. To get more people rooting for you, tell everyone on your network too.
  • Pack your bags and wait for the results!

The competition has now closed.