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Marine elevator service

Take advantage of our multi-brand expertise. We are committed to keeping your marine elevators in excellent working condition and if your elevator does break down, our qualified and experienced marine elevator technicians will make sure it’s up and running in the shortest time possible. As a preventative measure to maximise your uptime, our certified technicians will also check all marine elevator components while servicing or repairing your lift. After the job is completed, we will email you a status report of your elevator. 

Safety first

There are many rules, codes, norms and regulations for testing, certifying and inspecting a marine elevator. At Mr Marine Elevator we work according to the following strict standards:

  • All our certification and safety inspections are performed according to ISO-8383 and NEN-EN-81/1
  • Our technicians have national recognized elevator diplomas, or at least 10 years working experience
  • Our technicians all have safety certificates
  • Our Quality Management System has been audited and certified to meet all the requirements of ISO 9001.
  • We have proper liability insurance for all ports of the world.

Marine elevators are different from land-based lifts

    1. Marine elevators: efficiency under stress
      Maximum uptime is of the essence. A breakdown at sea has a tremendous impact on the efficiency and the morale on board.
    2. Planning service calls: challenging
      Vessels constantly move from port to port, berthing for a limited time.
    3. Offshore rigs: high risk
      Taking care of marine elevators on offshore platforms is an even bigger challenge. Most marine elevator makers actually do not enter this market. The risk is too high: delays on board, expensive offshore certificates, long travel times to and from the platform, difficult and time consuming work procedures, daily paperwork, extremely high safety standards, to name just a view.

We rise to each one of these challenges. It’s the kind of work that suits Mr. Marine Elevator and Mr. Marine best. Our local presence allows us to offer highly competitive prices in more than 150 ports. This is the only way to ensure instant response is possible.

Regular elevator servicing keeps your lifts shipshape

All classification organisations and flag states require owners to include ship elevator maintenance in the Shipboard Maintenance Plan. Mr. Marine Elevator strongly recommends complying with the following procedures:

      • Safety inspection (a visual inspection of the elevator and all its safety components) every year, or as often as the vessel’s flag state dictates (for instance, German flag: inspection every 2,5 years; Danish flag: every 3 months)
      • Load test every 5th year.

A copy of the official certification documents will be kept in our archives for a minimum of 10 years. If you need a copy of your certificate, just give us a ring. We’ll keep a copy of the official certification documents in our archives for a minimum of 10 years.

If you need a copy of your certificate, phone us on +31 10 714 4882.