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It is our business to keep your marine elevator in an excellent working condition. And if your marine elevator does break down, we will make sure to have it up and running in the shortest time possible.

During service and repairs our technician will check all marine elevator components as well; just as a preventative measure. A status report of your marine elevator will be sent to you by email after the job is completed; it is the way we work.

There are many rules and regulations for testing, certifying and inspecting a marine elevator. It is not always so clear which ones to use best. At MR Elevator we choose to work according to the following strict standards:

  • All our certification and safety inspections are performed according to ISO-8383 and NEN-EN-81/1
  • Our technicians all  have national recognized elevator diploma‚Äôs, or at least 10 years working experience
  • Our technicians all have a safety passport
  • We have proper liability insurance for all ports of the world.

MR Elevator therefore strongly recommends to comply to the following procedure:

  • Safety inspection every year*  (visual inspection of the marine elevator and all safety components)
  • Load test every 5th year.

A copy of the official certification documents will be kept in our archives for a minimum of 10 years. If you need a copy of your certificate, just give us a ring.

* note: state flag of vessel could dictate differently; German flag every 2,5 years, Danish flag every 3 months for instance.