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New build

Within the new marine elevator market, we have positioned ourselves as a customizer. By using standard modular designed components, we do not offer standard off-the-shelf products. Each order starts with a design sketching which in co-makership with a renown Dutch design agency. After the design is finished and approved by our customer, we obtain class society approval (DNV, ABS, LR, GL, BV, RINA, NK and KR).

Some of the specific features of our new elevators:

  • Upgraded safety allowances for power factor and structures
  • Type approved fire proof landing doors (A-0 and A-60)
  • Home landing operation
  • Smooth riding comfort
  • Energy-saving control and drive system
  • Efficient and accurate landing control system
  • Quick installation and very easy maintenance
  • Fire, CO2 or Halon alarm provided as optional to prevent a person to accessing the engine room area in case of fire and or gas leakage

Note: MR Elevator branded elevators are also installed for ZADCO at ZAKUM oil field. A Dutch design elevator using European components (Italy, UK and Netherlands), assembled in the Netherlands and installed locally.

MR Elevator has engineered and manufactured a broad range of marine elevators with the following basic specifications:

  • Control system inverter (VVVF) drive with microprocessor control
  • Speed (m/min.) 30, 45, 60 & 96
  • Capacity (kg) 360, 500, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 & 1700
  • Operation selective collective control (2BC)
  • Landing door hinged type : A-60 Class
  • Center open type : A-0 & A-60 Class.


Traction Machine

The traction machine is driven by a squirrel cage induction motor and provided with an electromagnetic brake acting on the coupling between the gear and the motor. And, in order to prevent the vibration from the hull, isolation pad is equipped in the traction machine foundation. The general motor specifications are as follows:

  • Motor Protection : IP 23, IP44 & IP54
  • Insulation Class : B and/or F Class
  • Starting times(2BC) : 180 times/hour
  • Ambient temperature : 45
  • Variation Voltage : +6% ~ 10% at rated voltage
  • Variation Frequency : 2.5% at rated frequency

LANDING DOORS (fire proof)

All our landing doors are designed especially for marine elevators. This first of all means that the doors are designed and fire-tested for a class (A-0 & A-60) divisions in accordance with SOLAS. Furthermore, type approval certificates for each type have been issued by most national marine authorities and major classification societies.


The control panel is placed in the elevator machine room contains main Inverter, PC boards, relays, rolling/pitching switch and relevant equipment for operation.


Each landing door is provided with an electromechanical lock connected in series with safety circuit. Hence, the elevator car cannot be started or kept in motion unless every lending door is fully closed and locked in compliance with safety requirements.


If the car traveling speed exceeds the specified upper limit, the speed governor is activated, turning off the drive motor and activating the emergency stop device on outer frame of the car whereby the car is stopped and secured to the rails.


If the emergency exit door in the ceiling is opened, the power disconnect switch is turned off preventing the car from moving.

SAFETY DEVICE (for car and counter weight)

Safety devices for car and counter weight are provided under the car and counter weight. At the moment of emergency case (eg. dropping the car or counter weight), the safety related with speed governor is operated with gripping the guide rails.


This switch prevents the car from starting unless the car doors are completely closed, because of this switch is  connected with safety line.


At the moment when the drive motor is turned off, a spring loaded DC magnetic brake is applied to the motor.


This light provided on the ceiling is illuminated as soon as power failure takes place.


Spring buffers are mounted in the elevator pit area at the bottom of the elevator trunk, under the car and counterweight.


Entrance design

Landing door

Hinged type

  • Steel with baked painting
  • A-6O Class fire proof door
  • Vision glass (Option)

1. Center open type

  • Steel with baked painting or stainless steel
  • A-O & A-6O Class fire proof door
  • Sill: Stainless steel

Hall indicator button

  • Stainless steel with hairline finished
  • Car arrival light


1. Car wall, car doors and ceiling

  • Steel with baked painting
  • SUS hairline finished
  • SUS etching finished
  • SUS mirror finished
  • SUS mirror etching finished

2. Lighting Fluorescent light

3. Ventilation: Fan with louvre

4. Flooring: Non-slip type vinyl sheet or stainless bare

5. Operation panel

  • SUS with hairline finished
  • Key-lock switch : For restriction to enter into the designated deck.