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New life for your vessel’s old elevators

The average economic lifecycle of a marine elevator is about 20 years. An older elevator will probably still run, but a modernization (or refurbishment) will actually reduce the cost of owning and operating the elevator and increase its uptime (especially on cruise vessels, ferries and offshore rigs).

The same applies for all ship’s lifts: crew, cargo and passenger lifts.

We modernize ships’ elevators

For our modernized (refurbished) elevator products, we know what is needed to reach another 20 years of hassle-free operation. We only use parts from leading component makers (critical for ships’ elevator doors, controllers and traction machines). We will never compromise the safety or comfort of passengers or crew. As an additional benefit: we make sure the parts are freely available in the market during the full lifespan of your marine elevator. Depending on the overall condition of an elevator, our certified technicians replace the following components:

  • control panel
  • trailing cable
  • doors (landing and car)
  • ropes
  • traction machine and sheaves
  • car interior
  • bearings
  • door controllers

We perform stringent tests to ensure your elevator will be in a perfect running condition again. So consider renewing rather than replacing.

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