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In case of an accident with a marine elevator you can be held liable as an owner in case of negligence by the owner of an elevator. Your insurance company would in such cases not cover for damages either.

Purposely removing of safety lines by the crew to make a marine elevator operational again is a form of negligence. Hiring a service company with a questionable reputation too; as an owner they will say you should have known the risk.

We therefore strongly recommend to have all service work and annual inspections performed regularly, by a renowned company that can formally proof its quality of work. The cost will not be much higher, so why take the risk?

An interesting fact: regarding liability there is no prerequisite to have work performed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). As long as the service company you use can formally proof its professionality, you are 100% save.

There are no clear standards for marine elevator service companies, but for land based elevator companies there are. At MR Elevator we chose to follow land based elevator rules and have added some extra  marine standards on top of it:

  • Formalised business processes  (ISO 9001)
  • Work according to ISO 8383 and NEN-EN-81/1
  • Liability insurance covering the world including USA/Canada for vessels and offshore platforms, up to euro 3,5 million per incident
  • All technicians with a national recognised diploma in servicing elevators, or at least 10 years of experience in the field
  • All technicians have a national recognised safety passport
  • NOGEPA, OPITO and/or HUET diploma‚Äôs for offshore work.

Our advice: please do not take unnecessary risks with elevators