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How safe are your balustrades?

Increased safety requirements for passengers and service personnel are at the heart of the Lift Standards EN 81-20.

As far as balustrades go, are you compliant?

When the distance between the inner edge of the balustrade handrail and the shaft wall is 0,5 m or less, the balustrade must have a minimum height of 0,7 m. When the distance exceeds 0,5 m the balustrade must have a minimum height of 1,1 m.

Previously, the balustrade did not have specified strength requirements. With the new requirements of EN-81-20, it must be able to withstand a force of 1 kN without elastic deformation greater than 50 mm.

Are your balustrades up to standard?

Learn more more about lifts on ships safety requirements of EN81-20.