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Mr. Marine Elevator is the largest marine elevator servicing company in the world. To maximise our customers’ uptime, our certified technicians operate out of 134 ports and are available 24/7.

Mr. Marine Elevator Mission

It is our mission to inspect, service and repair any on-board electromechanical equipment that has an impact on a vessel being safe and compliant - anywhere in the world. It is also our mission to deliver outstanding customer service.

Our Vision

To serve ships worldwide, and to be the highest appreciated marine elevator maintenance company in the market.

Locals in a global network.

Our local presence allows us to offer highly competitive prices in more than 150 ports. At the same time, by being global, we can offer you :

  • Worldwide warranty

  • Liability insurance to work on board vessels

  • Long-term savings

  • Multi-brand experts

Mr. Marine Elevator stands for quality, instant response and outstanding customer service.

Our SHIPSERV TradeNet ID is: #71463

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MR Elevator is certified ISO_9001:2015

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- World market leader
- Local technicians in 134 ports
- Certified for all brands

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