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MR Elevator is the largest marine elevator servicing company in the world. To maximise our customers’ uptime, our certified technicians operate out of 134 ports and are available 24/7.

MR Elevator Mission

To be the leading marine elevator specialist worldwide, offering new and modernised marine elevators, backed by 24/7 worldwide service. Simplicity and reliability are key to us. We like to be challenged.

Your focus is efficiency at sea. Ours too.

If you’re in any way involved in the purchasing, installation or maintenance of marine elevators, you would understand that MR Elevator works in a highly specialised area of expertise. As the founding company of the global MR Marine Group, MR Elevator has a laser-sharp focus: marine elevators.

Unlike land-based elevators, marine elevators represent a small portion of all installed elevators in the world. It is a niche market and no land-based elevator company has really adapted their structures and product design to serve it. MR Elevator is the only company in the world that was founded to be exclusively active in the marine elevators business. It is the only elevator company that has shaped its processes and organisation around the shipping business.

Our SHIPSERV TradeNet ID is: #71463

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MR Elevator is certified ISO_9001:2015

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– World market leader
– Local technicians in 134 ports
– Certified for all brands

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