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MR Elevator is the largest marine elevator servicing company in the world. To maximise our customers’ uptime, our certified technicians operate out of 130 ports and are available 24/7.

MR Elevator Mission

To be the leading marine elevator specialist worldwide, offering new and modernised marine elevators, backed by 24/7 worldwide service. Simplicity and reliability are key to us. We like to be challenged.

The following requirements apply for marine elevator service companies

  1. The elevator owner (not the maker) must give permission for the service company to work on an elevator
  2. Technicians need to be competent and formally trained
  3. The service company must be ISO 9001 certified
  4. The service company must have clear safety instructions and support for technicians
  5. Maintenance instructions in the elevator manual to be followed strictly
  6. Flag State certifications and rules must be followed
  7. The service company must have method statements and risk assessment documents for each maintenance activity.

MR Elevator complies with all seven of the above requirements. Our criteria for a MR Elevator competent technician are:

  • Proven track record of 10 years in the elevator business
  • Has passed all compulsory national elevator exams
  • Technician attended MR Academy training and passed the exam.
  • All paperwork is in good order (passport, CV, references, insurances, etc.)

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MR Elevator is certified ISO_9001:2015

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- World market leader
- Local technicians in 130 ports
- Certified for all brands

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