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About us

Ship owners and operators are increasingly compelled to comply with IMO’s BMW Conventions strict terms for ballast water and sediment management. As the demand for approved systems ballast water management systems grows, manufacturers are becoming increasingly busier than ever with the challenges of installing equipment on both new and existing vessels.

This is where MR Ballast’s extensive worldwide organisation can offer a competitive advantage to both manufacturers and end-users.

MR Ballast services Ballast Water Treatment Systems worldwide from 134 ports. The company is part of the MR Marine Group. It is a certified service partner of a number of manufacturers and brands. We prioritise operational efficiency, environmentally-friendly practices, and 24/7 support – 365 days of the year.

Our service focus

From our background as worldwide service agent of DeNora and Headway we specifically focus on electrochlorination systems. Other electrochlorination systems makers prove to have very comparable systems, and thus we also service TeamTec, Sunrui, Erma First, Techcross, SHI, Wärtsilä, and HHI.

Technician training

Classroom and hands-on training was obtained at DeNora and Headway. We also visited maker factories of filters, rectifiers and of electrochlorination skids. These makers offer their own in-house classroom and hands-on training, which was exceptionally valuable to our service technicians. As a company we have our own training centre named MR Academy. All obtained knowledge and expertise we formalized into ISO 9001 certified training modules. We are currently rolling our BWTS training programme to our existing 150 local engineers around in 134 ports around the world. As this is not something that is completed overnight, we will focus on the main ports first.

The preferred service supplier

As an agent that manufactures various types of systems, MR Ballast does not limit its qualified technicians to the servicing of only one type of system; any type of BWTS is serviced, maintained and upgraded. Sample testing and troubleshooting can be done from any of our ports of presence.

MR Ballast complies with the IMO G8 standard. We assure our clients that they too will comply with the latest regulations after our technicians have serviced or upgraded their ballast water treatment systems.

Having technicians in more local ports, combined with management in three time zones, ultimately results in more cost efficient service. In fact, such a well-positioned presence of technicians is the key to our success (we exclusively service the complete AP Moller-Maersk fleet for instance). We have developed our unique network of marine technicians to become competent in servicing BWT-systems as well.

MR Ballast has offices in Shanghai, Singapore, headquarters in Rotterdam, and qualified ballast water treatment system technicians in 134 ports around the world.