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Types of systems

In short there are two leading systems in the market. Systems using UV lamps and systems that are using chemicals in the second phase of cleaning. Both systems use a primary filtering system.

There is a third system being offered in the market, which makes use of the vessels' main engine exhaust heat. Water is circulated and heated and it is used to pasteurize the ballast water, killing all living organism.

Which system is the most suitable depends on various factors, and to name just a few:

  • flow ballast water (m3/hr)
  • total amount of ballast water to be cleaned
  • new or retrofit
  • companies policy about waste disposal (chemical)
  • sailing USA water or not. 

The market for Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) is very young and a lot of developments are to be expected. Leading systems can be overtaken quite easily when technology advances.