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Quick ballast water sample testing

When you're up against stack dates and tight schedules, you need everything done quickly and first time right - including ballast water sample testing. At Mr. Marine Ballast we understand the importance of quick and reliable sample testing.

The Maritime Executive published this article commission testing of ballast water treatment systems recommended on September 2019 which states "Performing compliance testing during commissioning will ensure that the ship-owners investment is successful" . To do so we are providing you with a time-efficient option to test the BWMS of your vessels.

We at Mr. Marine Ballast are creating a global network of duly accredited laboratories that can accommodate these needs. Making it effortless for you to have your BWMS tested anywhere and anytime. 

Just call us on +31 714 4882 and we'll send one of our local technicians to test your ballast water on your vessel.