World's Best Marine Elevator Technician announced

World’s Best Marine Elevator Technician announced

The world has a new “Best Marine Elevator Technician”. Hari Selvaraj from Singapore is the first winner of MR Elevator’s global competition, an international talent challenge that will become an annual event. He will soon set off to enjoy his prize of a luxury holiday at a resort of his choice, with the compliments of MR Elevator, a part or MR Marine Group.

World's Best Marine Elevator Technician announced

Farah Shaik, MR Marine Group Country Manager, Singapore, hands over the award certificate to Hari Selvaraj, the World’s Best Marine Elevator Technician for 2019.

In addition to earning bragging rights amongst his peers and adding an important new highlight to his CV, Hari can proudly display the coveted framed certificate for all to see.

This well-deserving winner of MR Elevator’s 2019 World’s Best Marine Elevator Technician title impressed the judges with his very high score in the online exam and his “exceptional knowledge” of Hyundai Marine Elevators and other brands.

But what finally clinched the decision to award Hari the prestigious title, was his “incredibly positive attitude, availability, and diligent work ethic”, according to Nick Bosch van Rosenthal, CEO of MR Marine Group, who adds: “It was a tough decision, because we had received many excellent entries from around the world. It also made us realise again how much talent there is in our industry. As a global leader in marine elevators, this is our way of rewarding the contributions of the technicians who do their best every day to keep things moving smoothly. They are often the unsung heroes who ensure people’s safety, comfort and productivity on board.”

The winner of the second prize is Andre Schaap, from Rijnsburg in western Netherlands. He has been working on elevators for 24 years. His years of experience and know-how served him well in his online exam, and his admiring references further resulted in him taking home the certificate as well as a smart new laptop as his prize.

Edgar Cardoso from Portugal, who has 3 years’ experience in the industry, was named 2019 Rookie of the Year. This category awards one talented entrant who have less than five years’ experience in the field.

Nick Bosch van Rosenthal congratulated the three winners and thanked all the entrants. He said he wants to encourage every marine elevator technician, in any company anywhere in the world, to enter next year’s challenge.

He also restated the reason why MR Elevator created the annual competition:

“To be the market leader worldwide, we must have the best people on board. That’s why we’re on a quest to find and reward the World’s Best Marine Elevator Technician.”