Walking for Charity

For the month of November until the 11th December, our CEO – Karel Peters – has challenged the MR Marine Group staff members to a “Walking for Charity” initiative. 

Due to the lockdown situation, we are spending more time indoors and sitting down in front of our screens for long hours. We are concerned about the impact this can have on everybody’s mental and physical health. So, we are encouraging our entire team to exercise and get some fresh air outside on a regular basis. 

For every day that our staff members walk at least 5.000 steps, we will donate a set amount to charity. This will help keep our staff mentally focussed and physically fit, as well as motivated to reach the goal so we can donate a lump sum to a charity of our choice. 

Even if you are not an employee of ours, you can work towards achieving 5000 steps per day. This will not count towards our internal goal, but we encourage everyone to keep moving. 

Let’s stay fit and healthy!