Oxygen Cylinder donations through the Thaagam Foundation

MR Marine Group is hopeful that India will recover from the recent outbreak of Covid-19 rapidly. In the mean-time, however, we have decided to donate the proceeds which were raised during the Sunrise Biking Challenge to a charity in India whose main focus is currently on getting more oxygen cylinders to save lives. We hope our small contribution will help cater to the need of oxygen cylinders in Chennai and Delhi.

The selected charity that will be receiving the €2000 is the Thaagam Foundation.

Stories of patients running from one hospital to another in the hope of finding a vacant bed are emerging from Chennai and Delhi on a daily basis. Even the most vulnerable patients have had to resort to home isolation despite the fact that severe COVID symptoms can cause respiratory issues that may lead to organ damage and even death! These patients need oxygen cylinders to stay alive while these hospitals are running out!

Despite the fact that Covid-19 case numbers are dropping, India experienced a record number of daily casualties and the situation is still dire. We, as a company, hope that we can make a contribution to making the situation a bit better.

Our hearts go out to all our friends, customers, partners and colleagues in India, and to all those affected around the world.