2019 World's Best Marine Elevator Technician Competition image

MR Elevator’s new global search: find and reward the World’s Best Marine Elevator Technician

MR Elevator, the world’s leading marine elevator servicing company and part of the MR Marine Group, is on a quest to find the world’s best marine elevator technician – and the rewards are great

MR Elevator’s world-wide hunt to track down the top technician is underway in the form of a global online competition. Even though MR Elevator – the leading employer of top marine elevator technicians – has launched the competition, any marine elevator technician, employed by any company anywhere in the world can enter.

Entry by experience level

Entrants who have five years’ work experience or more, are in line to win not only the title of “2019 World’s Best Marine Elevator Technician”, but also a prize to match the prestige.

First prize, for the entrant judged to be the best marine technician on the planet, will be a 5-night holiday at an all-inclusive top-end luxury resort.

Rookies can also enter

Marine elevator technicians with less than five years of experience are also invited to enter. They stand a chance to win the Rookie of the Year award.

Nick Bosch van Rosenthal, CEO of MR Marine Group, says the competition will become an annual event.

“As the world’s leading company servicing marine elevators, it is our responsibility and also our pride to have the top marine elevator technicians on board. This competition sets out to identify the best of the best and to reward them with the recognition they deserve.” – Nick Bosch van Rosenthal.

How the competition works

The evaluation process includes:

  • an online exam
  • references from peers and customers

The judges will base their decision on a combination of the entrants’ exam results, their peer and customer ratings.

Technicians still have until 22nd June to enter.

Tribute to technicians
Mr Kumar, Fleet Director of a leading shipping company, praised the world-wide initiative of MR Marine Group to acknowledge the contributions of top talents to the industry. “They are not only asserting their position as global leader, but are also paying tribute to the commitment and hard-work of the people who ensure the safety and efficiency of elevators of vessels around the world.”

Closing date for entries is 22nd June 2019. Full details are available on https://www.mr-marinegroup.com/mr-elevator/worlds-best/worlds-best-marine-elevator-technician or visit MR Marine Group on Facebook.