Elevator Service Authorizations

Who Is Allowed To Service Your Marine Elevator? 

We know how confusing it can be. So many stories are going around in the market about who is legally allowed to work on your elevator. There are even some who are using the words: ‘Maker Authorization’. To be clear – there is no such thing as Maker Authorization – but rather “Owner Authorization”. 

To help you out in this mish-mash of gossip, here is an outline of what truly classifies a service company as “Authorized”. 

Maker vs Owner authorization

There is no such thing as Maker Authorization but there certainly is “Owner Authorization”. Owners are 100% responsible to choose a competent and professional marine elevator service company (or will be held liable for negligence in case of an incident/accident).  The applicable EN and ISO rules and norms are very clear about it, also with very clear definitions of ‘authorized personnel’.

Service company authorization checklist

Any marine elevator service company must have:

  • Formalized training for staff and technicians (proof of competency) 
  • ISO 9001 certificate
  • Liability insurance (for work on vessels)
  • Perform maintenance as per OEM maintenance manual 
  • Work formalized in Method statements and Risk assessment documents.

The above can be found the EN-81-20, EN-13015, ISO 8383, and ISO 14798.

Let yourself not be mislead by another OEM saying it is different. Maker authorization does not exist, owner authorization does; it is the owner who should authorize the marine elevator service company. The international rules and regulations for elevators are 100% clear and binding about it.

So in conclusion: as an owner you are free to use any marine elevator service company. Just make very sure they comply to the rules and norms as per above.

Click here to download a useful PDF of this information. 

Please note: all jobs performed by MR Elevator have a 12 months warranty valid in any of the 133 ports covered worldwide.